oil retention containment steel tank with Removable walls BDRSA View larger

BDRSA Assembled retention tank for oil transformer for indoor distribution transformers

SANERGRID® BDRSA product range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements regarding hydrocarbons retention in indoor conditions. BDRSA tanks has its 4 walls that can be disassembled to fasten installation process. Mainly used in the field of electrical transformer oils bund but they also apply to any equipment containing non-explosive hydrocarbons.  

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The BDRSA standard version comprises in a series of galvanized steel retention tanks that ensure service life that is equivalent to the service life of electric transformers or any other machine they equip in an indoor environment.

Its 4 walls can be mounted and unmounted easily with a clamp system, to adapt to every installation configuration. A special sealing joint is delivered with the tank to ensure a proper retention. 

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