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Hydrocarbon absorbents GRINTEC®

An absorption simple and effective

GRINTEC® absorbents, are designed to absorb oil spills and other petroleum based liquids while repelling water. Absorbents are ideal for use in bunds, on lakes, harbours, rivers and the sea where oil needs to be absorbed without picking up water. 

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A diverse range of absorbents

The GRINTEC® by SANERGRID® absorbent range has about ten products, which can be adapted to any type of situation:

- absorbent pads, designed to pick up spills on contact, stop liquids from running, and prevent tracking in the workplace. This format helps to have more control over consumption.
- rolls, indicated to cover surfaces as needed. This format gives the possibility of cutting at will the necessary amount of absorbent in every situation. They come in different roll widths.
- socks, the best solution where liquids need to be contained and absorbed. The combination of a flexible knitted outer with a 100% polypropylene ll ensures rapid absorption and superb retention.
- pillows, highly absorbent, and therefore a good solution to persistent leaks.
- booms, very useful to contain and collect oil and fuel located on the surface of the water, as in harbors, lakes, rivers, etc.
- absorbents sweeps, long curtains of absorbent which are designed to remove the final oil sheen of a spill. Our sweeps come with a stitched band for easy handling and extra strength. They can even be towed behind a boat.
- particulate, made of loose polypropylene pulp, absorbs oil leaks and spills while actually repelling water. This format is especially useful for spreading over irregular surfaces, for fast cleanup of oil leaks and spills and also to clean those hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and corners. Also for absorbing contained oil spills on water, because it oats even when saturated.
- bilge boom, with the ability to absorb oils and fuels, located on the surface of water accumulated in the bilge of the ship without absorbing water.
- organic absorbent, for hydrocarbon and oils that have a vegetable base and made from surplus forest produce. The natural qualities of some plant species with the right treatment make this granule a highly productive and safe absorbent.

Each product in the GRINTEC® absorbents range adapts to the situation it faces. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a product that corresponds to the need for optimum efficiency.
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