Immersion in a transformer station using the Oculus Gear VR 324 virtual reality headset View larger

Virtual Reality Solution for Industry

An innovative industrial solution

Do you wish to give your business partners an immersive demonstration ? Would you like to use the virtual reality  to present your futur construction sites? Or valildate an engineering project in real time ? 
Whether visiting premises, installing an equipment, or a new transformer, we adapt to your needs to design the virtual sequence you wish.

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Virtual reality at the service of the electrical industry

Our virtual reality equipement is aimed at industry professionals. It provides a wide range of representations, that you can easily configure to fit your own needs : visiting outdoor electric substations, a wind turbine, or a hydraulic power station. Depending on your needs, our team can create a sequence in virtual reality that meets your expectations.

There are various posibilities : immersive virtual visits in 3D without interactions, where you can move around or animated sequences where you can interact with the environement according to pre-defined scenarios.

Our standard service comes with a virtual reality headset Oculus Gear VR 324 and a Samsung Galaxy phone, which allow an optimal quality for virtual reality. For other configurations, please contact us.

Our prices vary according to the design and the specifications you may need :
- the level of details and the complexity of the diferent elements to design
- the amount and the complexity of interactions to set up
- the amount of lights and sounds
- how big is the 3D area and its degree of interaction
- if there is animated elements or not
- the desired level of realism 

The required sequence is available as an application, provided with the phone. First you will need to launch the app manually on the phone and then integrate the phone to the headset to start the simulation. The above video shows the sequence of an outdoor transformer substation, where the transformer is standing on top of a fireproof SANERGRID ERT tankThe customer’s requirments were to visualize and therefore check :
- the transformer's height
- the distance between the prefabricated shelter and the transformer
- the visualization of the water flowing from the PETRO PIT filter
- the access to the extinguishing system of the ERT tank

Our standard service includes a virtual reality headset Oculus Gear VR 324 and a Samsung Galaxy phone. We then develop the immersive virtual reality solution according to your needs. The creation process is as follow:

1) define the scenario

2) define the textures

3) define the input datas

4) define the 3D rendering quality

Other virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for the electrical industry exist: serious game on electrical training, validation of individual protection equipment according to voltage levels, maintenance procedures for electrical equipment, whether it is switched off or on in virtual reality, simulator of command control and control of transformer stations or control center of the electrical network, electrical authorization ...
For electrical industry or professional electrotechnical education.