Industrial rainwater treatment

When and industrial equipment fulfilled with hydrocarbons is installed outside it is subject to rainwater that can fill this primary retention tank. To overcome this rainwater/oil leak overflow risk, the tank must be equipped with a system that filters and continuously discharges rainwater while retaining hydrocarbons within a secondary retention device.

Authorities have set the hydrocarbon contamination limit to no more than 5 ppm hydrocarbon in discharged water (EN 858-1: "light liquid separations facilities"). Therefore, SANERGRID propose you pre-fabricated offset pit especially designed for hydrocarbons applications, and rainwater filter for oil contaminated waters which works by gravitation without electricity and auto block itself when too much oil saturate the filter; or with pumped systems with level detection and alarms trigger.

1- Outdoor oil transformer leakage and spill
Outdoor oil transformer leakage and spill
2 - Rainwater contaminated with hydrocarbons
Rainwater contaminated with hydrocarbons
3 - Civil work engine with oil spill
Civil work engine with oil spill
4 -  Rain + oil spill : consequences on water pool
Rain + oil spill : consequences on water pool
SPI filter PETRO PIPE example : rain is drained, oil is contained
SPI filter PETRO PIPE example : rain is drained, oil is contained
Range D-POSIT : double wall prefabricated offset pit class 1 and 2
Range D-POSIT™ : double wall prefabricated offset pit class 1 and 2

PETRO PIT® Hydrocarbon filtration cartridge for rainwater drainage of retention tanks (Ø fitting : 1,5'' male)

The range PETRO PIT® is composed by a set of rainwater filter cartridges designed to drain rainwater in hydrocarbons retention bund, metallic retention tanks or small concrete pit. The PETRO PIT® cartridge solidifies instantly when large hydrocarbon leak...

PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP: on-site decontamination of large volumes of water polluted with hydrocarbons

The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP (Reference PTB) is a system specially designed to be easily adapted to any type of pit or retention tank not equipped with a low point It ensures continuous filtration of drainage water by pumping from the retention volume to the...

Petro-PIPE® Hydrocarbon filtration cartridge for drainage of oil bund and retention pit

PETRO PIPE is medium category range rainwater Filter. Robust, sized for medium flow rates in industrial conditions (civil engineering applications, concrete pits, bunds, compressor, generator, transformer retention pit or containment, substations),...

PETRO PLUG® hydrocarbons filter stopper for rainwater drainage pipes or retention floors

The PETRO-PLUG® range is made up of different cartridges for filtering hydrocarbon contaminated rainwater for small and medium sized tanks and retention pits. It allows water to evacuate and solidifies instantly in the event of a major leak. Available in...

OIL BOND range: hydrocarbon absorbents

A range of products solidifying hydrocarbons SPI's OIL BOND products are unique absorbent products that solidify hydrocarbons, such as dielectric oils, gasoline or gas oil. They come in the form of rolls, cushions or absorbent powder.

Containment booms GRINTEC

Booms against pollution GRINTEC containment booms are designed to retain floating oils or hydrocarbons on the surface of the water. They can trap them and then contain the spill in a surface defined by the location of the boom.

Skimmers GRINTEC®

A simple tool for easy hydrocarbon harvesting GRINTEC® Skimmers are compact models, designed for recovering all types of hydrocarbon. Within our range of Skimmer, we can differentiate between Selective Skimmers and Overflow Skimmers. All our equipments are...

Hydrocarbon absorbents GRINTEC®

An absorption simple and effective GRINTEC® absorbents, are designed to absorb oil spills and other petroleum based liquids while repelling water. Absorbents are ideal for use in bunds, on lakes, harbours, rivers and the sea where oil needs to be absorbed...

Containment booms floating debris GRINTEC

Dams against plastic waste and floating debris GRINTEC These floating dams are designed to hold floating objects on the surface or semi-submerged. They can trap plastic objects, tree branches and other potentially dangerous floating objects and then contain...
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