Tools and electrical insulation

Electrical insulation : basis of the safety in electromechanic industry

An insulating material, also called dielectric material, is  part of an equipment or an equipment itself which function is to forbid any current to cross between two conductive parts. A good insulator has few electrical charges available, at the opposite of a conductive material, which has many electrical charges available and free to move when submitted to, and electromagnetic field. Therefore it is vital to protect people and apparatus of the negative effect of electricity when and electrical arc occurs.

To do so, SANERGRID propose two lines of products and solutions :

  • Insulating solutions and materials for manufacture of electro mechanicals apparatus SCHWEIZER: NOMEX Aramid papers, laminated papers NMN or else, lead wires, insulating sleeves, resins, Mylar, reconditioned product folded, cut, punched, tapes etc... Contact us for any special application, especially for your high temperatures insulating clase H  applications.
  • Insulating  protection tools and solutions for people and installation EXPERTO : Discover through a wide catalogue ranges of electrical tools Experto for electrical individual protection and Arc Flash protection, cable cutting, cable crimping, preparation and junctions... for low, medium and high tension ; under European standards, French (NF) and German (DIN)
High tension electricians worker 1920/2010
évolution des EPI électrotechnique protection arc électrique accident du travail coupure incident risque des personnes
Tools and electrical PPE
installation de transformateur électrique tête de câble isolateurs sertissage décharges partielles
Electrical insulatin materials SCHWEIZER
transformateur fuyard sans bac de rétention SANERGRID fuite et pollution des sols
Alternators, transformers and insulation class H
protection des installation électriques industrielles utilisation de matériaux de construction isolants à haut point de feu NOMEX et laminés

battery cable crimping...

battery cable crimping tool MINITOO

Isolants souples - NOMEX®

NOMEX®: a family of insulation materials adapted to the electrical industry : Insulation Class 220°C - 220 °C - Continuous Operation Temperature Resistance (UL 546 B) - Flame resistant (UL 94 V-O) - High mechanical strength. We have an extensive stock of...

MIDSUN animal...

Our custom formulated material produces wildlife protection cover that consistently maintain its strong properties in the most extreme environments.

MIDSUN® High Voltage...

An unparalleled flashover protection MIDSUN® RTV  HVIC Silicone Coating extends the life of your products and increases their reliability at a lower cost. It prevents the appearance of excessive leakage currents, the elongation of discharges and the...

MIDSUN® RTV Silprocoat...

Silicone protection coating against corrosion MIDSUN® Silprocoat is a one part silicone elastomer coating. Silicone elastomer coatings are well known for their excellent chemical and weathering resistance. Combined with good adhesion characteristics, they...
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