MINITOOL EXPERTO Battery-operated hand crimper


Crimping tool for high and medium voltage cables

The APEM5-5A electro-portable crimper with 180° rotating head is the most reliable, high-performance manual cutting tool on the market for high and medium voltage cables. Its extreme versatility makes it ideal for high-precision jobs.




The battery-operated crimping machines are part of the EXPERTO® brand. With over 40 years’ industrial experience in electrotechnical tools, EXPERTO® offers a wide range of products for electrical PPE, accessories for cutting, crimping, splicing, and working with low, medium and high-voltage cables.


The APEM5-5A crimper is one of the most reliable, high-performance battery-powered hand crimpers on the market. Its sturdiness, wide choice of dies and wide range of crimping pressures mean it can be used with extreme versatility on your worksites, with the utmost precision and reliability.


Description of the CRIMPER MINITOOL APEM5-5A:

  • 180° rotating head.
  • Operating temperature from -10°C to 40°C.
  • CE conformity.
  • For tubular cable lugs up to 240 mm² (NF), DIN Cu cable shoes 6 – 185 mm² (KZ5 – KZ28) and Al cables 6 – 150 mm².
  • Motor stops and resets automatically or manually after crimping. Rapid crimping thanks to very high pump speed.
  • With USB interface for storing crimping data.
  • Crimping time 3 – 6 sec.
  • Crimping force 60 kN.
  • 18 Volt DC LiO 1.5 Ah battery (optional 3 Ah).


Applications: tubular lugs, cable shoes, cables, deep crimping, round dies.


The technical features of the APEM 5 MINITOOL are extremely versatile, backed by over 15 years’ experience.