SANERGRID is the French representative of several European factories specialized in the construction of medium and high voltage dry-type transformers.

Depending on your needs, our expertise and experience in the field allows us to direct you to the factory that is best able to meet your requirements in terms of cost, lead time or technology.

SANERGRID sells dry resin transformers from several well-known and highly reliable European partner plants, such as the German market leader SGB in Germany and the Czech Republic, or the Italian manufacturer Trafo ELETTRO.

The objective of a dry-type transformer (as opposed to a standard oil-type transformer) is to offer an increased level of fire safety while ensuring total reliability in service.

Dry-type transformers thus provide increased protection for people and the environment with reliability comparable to that of transformers immersed in standard mineral oil.

In case of space problem related to the respect of the NFC13-200 concerning the fireproof trays for oil transformers, the coated dry transformers are not subjected to this requirement what facilitates their installation.

Our areas of expertise

- standard dry-type distribution transformer in insulation class 24kV - 20/0,41kV GRAVITYline

- Trafo ELETTRO cast resin dry-type transformer 20/15 kV

- 12, 24 or 36 pulses railway traction applications (dodecaphase transformer)

- fire risk transformers for public buildings, hospitals, tunnels, buildings, tertiary sector...

- step-up transformers for wind turbines SGB UNIQ

- generator set or photovoltaic park

- dry-type power transformers up to 54 kV and 30 MVA

- and all standard accessories of the French market: IP31, IP43, IP54 protection enclosure, or special protection enclosure

- plug-in terminals on the HV or LV part, and adaptation on the enclosure or the IP roof

- HV interlocking locks or AREL or ELP1 type locks

- PT100 or PTC sensor and T154 or T119 or ZHIEL temperature relay.

-Noise and vibration dampers for dry or oil transformers SanerVib®


Direct access to the factories, the strength of SANERGRID products:

Thanks to our partnerships, you benefit from direct access to the manufacturers' technical services, the manufacturer's warranty and we work hand in hand with the engineering departments of our factories for your special technical or commercial needs, such as warranty extensions or after-sales service conditions etc.

All our transformers are compliant with the ECODESIGN regulation that came into force on July 1, 2015 and 2021 (EU Regulation No. 548/2014 on the implementation of Directive 2009/125/EC)


SONEC, the associated service:

On additional request, we can offer you a turnkey service, from delivery, unloading, installation and on-site testing (SAT) through our SONEC service entity and our network of national subcontractors.

In the event of damage, SONEC is in contact with the SGB or TrafoELETTRO after-sales services for the management of claims.

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Cast resin dry-type transformer Gravity Line standard distribution range
Transformateur sec enrobé de distribution Gravity Line SANERGRID

Temperature relay digital T-154

The temperature relay with digital display T-154 is a microprocessor-based electronic device for temperature monitoring and control of dry-type resin-coated transformers.  It connects to 3 PT100 probes and can be coupled with fans and alarms to protect your...

Standard dry-type distribution cast resin transformer TrafoELETTRO by SYNERDIS

Standard SYNERDIS encapsulated cast resin transfo rmers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the distribution sector of the French electrical market. It combines a highly standardized design with an optimized production line automation.

SanerVib noise and vibration dampers for electrical transformer

SanerVib®  noise reduction solutions for electrical transformers are made up of different anti-vibration pads and low frequency silentblocks specially designed to soundproof transformers, isolating vibrations up to 99%.

Probes PT100 for temperature relay T-154

Probes PT100 for temperature relay  T-154 for dry type transformer temperature monitoring

Probes PTC for temperature relay T-119

Probes PTC for temperature relay  T-119 for dry type transformer temperature monitoring

Temperature relay T-119

T-119 protection relay for monitoring the windings of your electrical transformer.

TrafoELETTRO Dry type cast resin bi tension transformers SANERGRID

Cast resin dry type transformers bi tension ECO DESIGN SANERGRID for fire protection and safety in your installation, no retention tank and no extinguishing system required. Recommended for hospitals, tunnels, train, supermarket...  

Special dry-type cats resin power transformers, traction or wind turbine TrafoELETTRO

Special dry-type cast resin transformers TrafoELETTRO for power applications and especially for wind turbines, traction applications, mining, petrochemical, furnace transformers, rectifier transformers...
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