SanerVib noise and vibration dampers for electrical transformer

SanerVib®  noise reduction solutions for electrical transformers are made up of different anti-vibration pads and low frequency silentblocks specially designed to soundproof transformers, isolating vibrations up to 99%.

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When the oil filled electrical transformers or dry type cast resin transformers are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise resulting from the vibrations of the magnetic sheets (magneto constriction) that they contain. This vibration comes from the alternating current in 50 Hz which pass through them, characterizing a fundamental vibration frequency of 100 Hz and several harmonics of corresponding vibrations.

Depending on the electrical load used, the design and the age of the transformer, these vibrations may increase over time. In addition, depending on the installation location (parking lot, basement of the building, roof, etc.) these vibrations can resonate with the frame and the building.

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The SanerVib® solution: 80 or 99% absorption?

In order to dampen the vibrations generated by each electrical transformer, we have designed the SanerVib® range: composed of several low frequency silentblocks specially developed to provide high antivibration efficiency at the excitation frequencies of the transformers, depending on their weight and attenuation required:

- 80% for the SanerVib80 ™ series,

- and up to 99% for the SanerVib99 ™ series.

The SanerVib80 ™ silentblocks consist of a stainless-steel cushion encapsulated between a metallic plate and a support for the transformer wheel.

SanerVib99 ™ silentblocks are made up of one or more cores with a high-strength metal spring and a stainless-steel fiber cushion at its heart.

The choice of materials: SANERGRID®’s expertise

The solutions usually used are plastic or elastomer materials which are very subject to temperature variations and see their damping coefficient decrease over time. And therefore need to be changed regularly.

Instead for the manufacture of our SanerVib® dampers, we have chosen metal core elements whose elasticity module varies very little over time and which are less influenced by the temperature. Therefore providing a constant absorption performance. The SanerVib® surface treatment has also been reinforced so that their aging is close to the life of the transformer they equip.

All SanerVib® silent blocks are designed to isolate the vibrations generated by the magneto-constriction of the transformers, and in particular the fundamental excitation frequency of 50 Hz as well as the harmonics of 100 Hz and 200 Hz.
To meet these requirements, the SanerVib® have been tested in the SilentFlex® laboratories in order to visualize the variation of the resonant frequency as a function of the load supported. For their application in the field of electrical transformers, this data is essential to recommend the right equipment.
Our charts allow identify for each of the excitation frequencies of the transformer at 50Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz, the natural frequency of the damper (chart opposite) and for a required attenuation, to define the maximum admissible load, without reaching the permanent deformation coefficient of the materials used.
The strong absorption capacity of the vibrations emitted by the transformer by the SANERVib® allows their quasi-disappearance and thus prevents their propagation. Annoying structural noises and vibrations from the transformer are no longer transmitted in houses, homes or via the technical ducts in buildings and offices.
This is why we advise you to isolate the supports of your electrical transformers with the SanerVib® anti-vibration pads which are efficient, robust, reliable, tested in independent laboratories with third party, and affordable at reasonable cost.
SanerVib® solutions exist in different configurations depending on whether or not you keep the transformer rollers: SanerVib Standard or SanerVib-SG.

A patented solution allows the SanerVib® to be completely integrated into the transformer roller: this is the VibeR™ range.

The SanerVib-SL allows the transformer to be rolled onto the silentbloc directly without lifting the transformer.

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