Galvatech 2000

GALVATECH 2000 is a Canadian-based engineering company and the world leader in zinc anti-corrosion solutions for electronic effects. Since 1954, GALVAGRID® RUST-ANODE® products have been known and applied in more than 50 countries.

Their superior characteristics have placed them at the forefront of anti-corrosion solutions. Approved by the main official laboratories in Europe and North America and adopted by NATO forces from the outset, GALVAGRID® RUST-ANODE® technology has established itself as a world leader in guaranteeing active protection and extending the life of everyday goods.

Our technology provides active cathodic protection for steel structures. GALVAGRID® RUST-ANODE® zinc coating is a single-component product that fuses with old zinc coatings to recharge the cathodic protection of galvanised and metallised steel. Our revolutionary solution is perfectly suited to use in the workshop and for on-site work.

These are proven anti-corrosion treatments that act as an active layer on metal surfaces. The performance of the anti-corrosion technology is comparable to that of the hot-dip galvanising (HDP) process, and considerably reduces the maintenance costs of your installations compared with standard paint-type technologies, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

SYNERDIS is the exclusive partner and distributor of GALVATECH solutions in Europe for the electrical energy sector. Our SONEC teams can accompany you on site to supervise and guarantee the correct installation of GALVAGRID RUST ANODE or offer you a turnkey coating installation service on site or in the workshop.

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