ERT-MODULO™ Modular extinguishing retention tanks for electrical substation

SANERGRID® ERT-MODULO™ product range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements regarding retention, fire suppression and oil spill. Modular extinguishing retention tanks in 2,3,4 parts for big substation transformers where transport cost can be an issue.  

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The range ERT-MODULO™ is designed to prevent hydrocarbons pool fire risk for electrical transformers. Indeed the range is equipped equipped with a patented fire suppressing system of metal baffles across the top which will eliminate traditional systems such as pebble beds which become polluted and are not particularly effective and also take up part of the bund containment volume. The metal baffles are close spaced but will allow liquid through so that oil and rainwater can run into the tank, but in case of a fire the close spacing means that insufficient air penetrates and oxygen depletion occurs causing the fire to suffocate and extinguish.

Moreover this fast suffocation capacity decrease the probability of thermal runaway into the tank, which is very important in hydrocarbons fire, and make this extinguishing system so efficient, natural and simple, by  acting simultaneously on 2 of the 3 component of Fire Triangle.

Retention tanks in 2, 3 o 4 modules connected by special flexibles or flanges. it gives more flexibility when installation is on a rocky soil, temporary use or rocky ground.

We also provide several optional items such as clamping braces to fix the tank and the transformer beams, silent blocs to reduce vibrations or hydrocarbons fire extinguishing fuses. 

When the concrete retention pit is already existing the extinguishing system EXTICOV™ is also a possibility, of the use of a suffocating grating.

Extinguishing retention tanks for power transformers
- Retention tanks in 2, 3 o 4 modules connected by special flexibles or flanges
- Hot dip galvanized retention tanks for transformers up to 60T, equipped with a fire extinguishing cover validated by CNPP, (cf. ERT above)
- Total dielectric containment (100%), UK standard (120%)
- Dimensions and configurations adapted to every need
- Hot dip galvanised gratings 30 x 30 with the tank
- Drain vale 1,5 or 2 inches regarding model
- Stainless still tapings and valve, emergency siphon by-pass
- Earth connection points, lifting points by crane
- Especially designed for exigent outdoor use equipped with emergency siphon by-pass, adjustable beams at the bottom of the tanks and rainwater evacuation kit PETRO PIT® SPI® 
Retention tanks and fire extinguishing bunds
bac de rétention transformateur huile feu coupe feu moduLaire SANERGRID ERT TRT BDR BDRSA BR EXTICOV FOSSE TRANSFORMATEUR edf enedis rte

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