TRT-MODULO™ Modular retention tanks for transformer long term storage, environmental compliance for electrical substation

SANERGRID® TRT-MODULO™ retention tank for power transformer product range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements regarding hydrocarbons retention in outdoor conditions. Modular extinguishing retention tanks in 2,3,4 parts for big substation transformers where transport cost can be an issue.  

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The TRT® standard version comprises in a series of hot-dip galvanized steel retention tanks to be use in an indoor or outdoor environment.

Retention tanks in 2, 3 o 4 modules connected by special flexibles or flanges. it gives more flexibility when installation is on a rocky soil, temporary use or rocky ground.

A security siphon trap is also available on every TRT®. It is adjusted to collect the water at the bottom of the tank in the event of heavy rainfall and/or a filtration issue in order to retain the oil while evacuating excess waterAt the bottom of the tank, two watertight stainless steel tappings can receive 1.5 inch stainless steel valves: a draining valve and an extra valve to install our SPI® Petro-PIT® kit that will ensure hydrocarbons contaminated rainwater filtration and continuous discharge of pollution free rainwater.

We also provide several optional items such as clamping braces to fix the tank and the transformer beams, silent blocs to reduce vibrations or hydrocarbons fire extinguishing fuses.

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