TRFLEX® REFOR Flexible retention tanks for long term storage of oil immersed transformers or apparatus hydrocarbons filled

Oil transformer temporary storage flexible retention tank TRFLEX®-REFOR

Tubular reinforced metallic structure for long period storage. High resistance tarpaulin  especially reinforced mechanically, to corrosion, hydrocarbons and ultraviolet. Deploy the flexible tank,place your equipment, erect the flexible walls and ballast the tank to avoid the tarpaulin to be ripped by heavy winds.

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Solution for oil transformer temporary storage with flexible retention tank TRFLEX®-REFOR : 

Tubular reinforced metallic structure for long period storage, high resistance tarpaulin  especially reinforced: mechanically, to corrosion, to hydrocarbons and ultraviolet

Temporary outdoor storage for oil immersed transformers has never been so easy with SANERGRID® :

- Deploy the flexible tank at the chosen storage place
- Install your equipment of a few kilos or various tons inside the unfolded tank.
- Erect tank walls.
- Stick the tank to the ground and ballast it to avoid it to rip the tarp during possible windy events.
- In order to avoid that the tanks get filled by rainwater and transform itself as a swimming pool, do not forget to equip the retention tank with a PETRO PIPE and PETRO PIT SPI rainwater filter to drain it. Therefore, you will dispose of a retention volume every time empty in water and ready to use 100% of its retention capacity without carrying about possible oil leakage.

The tank is made with a material that is particularly resistant to hydrocarbons, UV and mechanical constraint. Nevertheless, special care must be taken when installing it:

- When the ground is prepared, carefully sweep, flatten the ground and erase any puncture point that could damage it. Indeed, it is strongly recommended to use at least one layer of protective geotextile or liner before deploying the tarpaulin.
- When the material is laid out, make sure to avoid any extreme puncture point, generally using simple metallic load distribution plates or over a slight geotextile protection layer.
- The rolling of trucks or trampling of workers must be also carefully done as much as possible over the protective layers.

When there is no possibility to lower the rainwater evacuation point below the level Zero of the floor, it is then normal that a slight quantity of rainwater remain, and the use of over elevation wooden beams or else is therefore recommended.

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