TRFLEX®-ECO Flexible retention tanks for itinerant or short term storage of heavy engines containing hydrocarbons

Oil transformer temporary storage of heavy equipment in outdoor condition, truck, oil immersed transformers...

TRFLEX®-ECO : L square metallic structure for short period storage.

High resistance tarpaulin  especially reinforced: mechanically, to corrosion, to hydrocarbons and ultraviolet  

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Flexible storage tank TRFLEX®-ECO & ECO+ : Solution for temporary or itinerant transformer temporary retention

How to realise a retention volume for short term storage and respect environment standards for heavy engines manipulation in an economic, fast and efficient way? Ranges TRFLEX®- ECO and ECO+ are designed for you: Standard range from 1 000 L to 80 000 L. For bigger volume consult us for special design
Inspiring from technology TRFLEX® REFOR, SANERGRID propose you special tarpaulin with different thickness and metallic structures to adapt to your budget. PVC reinforced tarpaulin with double induction:
o Range ECO: grammage 800 g/m², for retentions with lower mechanical stress and few reuses.
o Range ECO+: grammage 1450 g/m², for higher mechanical strength and multiple reuse.
L square metallic structure in black steel. On demand, possibility for surface treatment hot deep galvanized or stainless steel.

Installation of the tanks:
o Unfold the tarpaulin at the installation place over the geotextile sheet delivered with the tank.
o Install your equipment of few kilos of multiples tons
over the second geotextile previously deployed over the tarpaulin. Bearing point must be protected by weigh repartition plates or support to ovoid puncture risk. (3)
Deploy the walls of the tank and insert the L square in the welded sheath at the peripheric of the tank.
Ballast the tank to avoid any tearing or upheaval of the tank during windy events. (1)

Available accessories:
o Rainwater drainage cartridges SPI®
o Safety by-pass siphon
o Pre-fabricated concrete beams (2)
o Weight repartition Steel plates or rolling plates (3)
o Insulating Teflon plates.

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