PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP: on-site decontamination of large volumes of water polluted with hydrocarbons

The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP (Reference PTB) is a system specially designed to be easily adapted to any type of pit or retention tank not equipped with a low point

It ensures continuous filtration of drainage water by pumping from the retention volume to the active cartridges of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP  and then releases water depolluted of all hydrocarbons down to 5 ppm.

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 The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP has three distinct chambers: one for fluid intake in the upper part, the other for filtration in the lower part ensured by means of an SPI PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP anti-hydrocarbon water filter cartridge. Finally, the evacuation chamber of the treated clean water at the outlet of the hydrocarbon separator cartridge.

- Rigid PVC design: increased strength and durability.

- Oleophilic and hydrophobic polymer component permanently traps hydrocarbons.

- Water is pumped from the retention tank and sent to the inlet chamber of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP through the 1.5" pipe

- The mixture in the inlet chamber then passes by gravity through the active material of the PETRO BARRIER™ into the secondary filtration chamber at the bottom.

- The filtered water, loaded with less than 5 ppm of hydrocarbons, can then be discharged into the environment through the 4'' pipe at the bottom of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP

- During a major hydrocarbon spill or saturation after chronic unsealed leakage, the component reacts and forms a plug, preventing any fluid from spilling into the environment. Self-locking system operates without mechanical parts or electrical connections.

- A 2'' return pipe is used to return polluted water and oil to the containment, preventing overpressure in the inlet chamber of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP. Safety system allowing to operate in closed cycle in case of leakage and prevent the pumping out of hydrocarbons the time a response team comes to seal the leak and clean the retention.

- Pre-filtration of the inlet water is crucial to avoid blocking the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP too frequently with dust. It is done at 3 specific locations:

- the first, large one is done with a pre-filtration cage around the pump

- the second, smaller one, is done by an external pre-filter at the inlet of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMPED

- The third is done in the internal pre-filtration chamber of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP


Filtered flow rate (standard model): approximately 110 L/min depending on the model. Custom flow rates available upon request)

The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP consists of 3 internal components:

1. The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP filter cartridge at the bottom (PTB-C-24),

2. The small particle prefilter in the middle (PTB-SF-24),

3. The coarse particle prefilter at the top (PTB-DF-24).


All filters are stacked on top of each other and are held in place by a rubber seal. These are supplemented by an external water filter consisting of a microparticle filter.


 The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP (for the standard model) is made from a 24-inch diameter corrugated HDPE drum, in which the internal parts are installed and covered with a thick aluminum cover. The 1.5" internal inlet pipe leads to the external dirt filter mounted on an adjustable aluminum frame. The 2" discharge pipe is flush with the inlet pipe. For cold weather operation, the PTB has an optional heater blanket for the housing and external filter, ensuring continuous operation at tested temperatures below -25°C. A heater is sometimes required to melt the water around the suction pump. As for the hoses, they do not require heating because they are not equipped with check valves.


The PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP can treat 8m3 of water per hour by purifying it down to 5ppm and instantly solidifying in the event of a major hydrocarbon leak.

The flange of the cartridge has an oil/water seal and is screwed directly onto the drum by screws. This cartridge is equipped with 2 lifting rings for easy removal.

When removing the cartridge, bring the filter's clamps to the edge of the barrel and unscrew the clamping screws. Do not overtighten as this may damage the seal.


The PTB-SF-24 fine particle pre-filter provides additional protection against regular leaks and absorbs traces of oil before it fouls the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP itself. This cartridge is located on top of the PETRO BARRIER™ PUMP cartridge and is held in place with a rubber seal. The seal prevents water and oil from bypassing the canister. There are also 2 lifting rings for easy removal.


The DF-24 prefilter is a soft filter made of Adsorb-It filter cloth and wadding. It is the first line of defense against dirt and oil races as they enter the PTB. The DSF is held in place with a rubber banding ring that fits snugly over the filter.


The 2" discharge hose allows water and oil to return to the pumping area in the event of a soil overload or oil spill. The 1.5" inlet hose enters the external filter and is regulated by a ¼ turn brass valve.


The external filter is attached to an aluminum stand with adjustable feet that can be set for different terrains. The first maintenance operation is the dust filter. To change it, simply loosen the blue housing, unscrew then remove and replace the 20" pleated filter (PFE-PWF). When installing the PTB, it is important that the containment area is clean and that all dirt, cement dust and debris are swept up and vacuumed away. If installed in a dirty, unclean area, the filter will need to be replaced often; in a cleaner area, regular replacement depending on use is recommended (5 years under standard conditions, excluding pollution or poorly maintained prefilters that have clogged and plugged the filter).


Water is pumped from the retention tank into the PTB and discharged through the 4" lower discharge pipe. The treatment rate depends on the pump supplied and the lift height to be compensated. Depending on the position of the trigger, the pump starts and stops automatically.

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