PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™ : on site treatment of big quantity of water contaminated with hydrocarbons

PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™ is a system specially designed to easily adapt to any retention tank, pit or retention volume.It ensure a rainwater drainage by filtrating hydrocarbons traces, pumping from a retention volume the fluids through a PETRO BARRIER™ filtration cartridge, while retaining all hydrocarbons traces, avoiding any ground contamination.

Outflow filtered : approximately 110 L/min  

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The PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™ (or PTB) has two distinct chambers: the inlet chamber that receive the fluids in the upper part, and the filtration chamber in the lower part where rainwater is filtered from hydrocarbons, passing through an SPI PETRO BARRIER™ cartridge. Conception in PVC: resistance and durability guarantee. Filled with special Oleophilic and hydrophobic component: definitively captures hydrocarbons.

- Water is pumped from retention volume into the inlet chamber of the PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™ in a 1,5’’ pipe.
- The fluid mix in the inlet chamber then goes down by gravity through the active media of the PETRO BARRIER™ in a filtration cartridge present in the la second chamber, in lower part.
- Hydrocarbons concentration rate in rainwater outflow lower than 1 ppm can therefore be directly evacuated in the environment through a 4’’ pipe at the bottom of the PTB.
- During a major oil spill, the active media components react sealing as a cap and forbidding any fluid to pour in the environment.
Self-locking system, working without mechanical or electrical connection.
- In case of collapsing of the pre filters or filters, a 2’’ overflow pipe in upper part of the PTB send back all the fluids to the retention volume. This safety mechanism therefore forbid any overpressure in the inlet chamber and prevent that any
potentially contaminated fluid can evacuate in the environment working in closed circle. - It allows maintenance or emergency teams to have time to arrive on site to seal the leakage and clean the tank, and/or clean the PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™ internals.
Inlet rainwater pre filtration is compulsory to prevent the PTB to collapse too often because of the impurities present in the water. This pre-filtration must be done in 2 spécific areas :
- The first one, big mesh, must done at the pump level by a pre-filter system around the pump.
- The second one, smaller, must be done by an external pre filter at the entrance of the PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™
- The third one composed by a set of 2 pre filter layers, takes place inside the inlet chamber of the PUMP THROUGH BARRIER™

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