Dry type distribution transformers Eco design EU 548-14

Cast resin dry type transformers ECO DESIGN SANERGRID for fire protection and safety in your installation, no retention tank and no extinguishing system required. Recommended for hospitals, tunnels, train, supermarket...  

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Standard range from 100 kVA to 3150 kVA - 20 kV / 410 V - insulation classes 12 - 17.5 - 24 - 36 kV. Customized design for special applications 12 - 24 or 36 pulses possible, power and voltages customized after studies.

Conformity ECODESIGN EU standard 548-14 on reduced loss levels from 1 July 2015 for transformers in the European Union. For higher loss classes and export markets please consult us.

The standard ranges from 160 kVA to 3150 kVA comply with the ECO DESIGN standard of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 548/2014 of 21 May 2014. Ask us for a customized design for your specific needs.

Standard configuration SANERGRID® : primary voltage: 20kV, secondary voltage (empty): 410/230 V - neutral not reduced | ECODESIGN EU548-14 | Frequency: 50 Hz | Coupling: DYN 11 | Short-circuit voltage: 6% | Rated insulation voltage: 24 kV | Holding voltage at 50 Hz for 1 minute: 50 kV | Rated impulse withstand voltage: 125 kV | Natural cooling in ambient air (temperature at 40 ° C) | Isolation MT Coated / BT Impregnated | Thermal class F | MV +/- 2x2,5 dimming offset per bar | HTA connection on beaches | LV connection on tracks.

Standard accessories included: 4 lifting rings | 4 swiveling rollers | Default thermal protection device: T-154 and 3 PT100 probes (or on request T119 with 6 PTC probes) | Ground terminal.

Transformer performance attested by factory test certificate.

SGB gammes de transformateur sec de distribution
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