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Pre-filtration box for Petro-PIPE® PI-616-M2 & P-PIT View larger

Pre-filtration box for Petro-PIPE® PI-616-M2 & P-PIT

Pre Filtration Box (PFB) recommended to be placed upstream of the filtration systems Petro-PIPE® (PI-616-M2 and P-PIT) to ovoid filters active media to be blocked by waters impurities (mud, sand, leaves, etc). The PFB internals must be cleaned egularly to maintain the efficiency of the Petro-PIPE®.  

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The pre-filtration box PFB-812 must installed inside the retention volume in upstream of the filters Petro-PIPE® (PI-616-M2 and P-PIT) to limit the risk of sealing of its active media by impurities contained in the water (mud, dust, sand, leaves, etc).

Available in several sizes, this pre filtration box is mainly designed for civil engineering applications (retention tanks, concrete pits, compressors, generators ...).

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This pre-filtration box PFB-812 consists in an aluminum cage, fulfilled with foams and geotextiles that filter and trap impurities in the water.

The PFB-812 is designed to equip one or two filters installed in parallel.

For another configuration, other models of pre-filtration cages are available : please consult us.

Installation & maintenance

The pre-filtration cage is installed at the bottom of the pit or retention basin, upstream of the filter's hole drilled in the retention volume .

It is advised to clean this equipment at least 1 time / year  with clear water.

In difficult conditions (tree leaves, dust, sand or anything else that can block the pre-filtration system), maintenance should be performed more regularly.

Without major incident, pre filtration interns floss must be replaced every 3 years.

Delivered without screws and fixing accessories (indeed, each instalation site is different)


The kit includes:

  • 1 metalic pre-filtration cage
  • 1 black mesh reinforced sheet
  • 1 white foam floss 
  • 1 set of metalic plates to install the PFB on the retention wall.

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