PETRO PIT® Hydrocarbon filtration cartridge for rainwater drainage of retention tanks (Ø fitting : 1,5'' male)

The range PETRO PIT® is composed by a set of rainwater filter cartridges designed to drain rainwater in hydrocarbons retention bund, metallic retention tanks or small concrete pit.

The PETRO PIT® cartridge solidifies instantly when large hydrocarbon leak occurs.

Available in various configurations regarding use and hydrocarbons types, ester or transformer oil

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Patented filtration system belonging to the technology SPI® the range PETRO-PIT® is the United Kingdom and European reference rainwater filter for hydrocarbons contaminated waters in small retention volumes.

PETRO-PIT® 410 is ideal for exterior retention tanks (flexibles tarpaulin, metal or concrete)

Easy to install thanks to its KIT PETRO PIT to any existing valve or concrete bund.

Use horizontal or slightly inclined in direction of the flow.

The only filter on the market recognized from more than 10 years by the biggest UK and European industry (Network rail, Balfour Beatty, ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER…) and having passed successfully the test by independent laboratories such as Bureau Veritas or TUV with a hydrocarbons rate in output of the filter below 5 ppm.

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Thanks to its active media, rainwater filters Petro-PIT® retains hydrocarbon traces while preventing the retention tanks and bunds from becoming real pools.
In a case of a major spill of oil, the component will react instantly and form a cap, resistant to 1 bar pressure, preventing any fluid from flowing into the environment.
In all cases tested, the concentration of hydrocarbons in water filter output is less than 1 ppm.
The cartridge is installed horizontally on a drain valve, thanks to its 1.5'' male threaded head.
The use of Teflon roll on the threaded head of the cartridge is recommended to ensure a proper sealing
A pre-filter is required to prevent the proper filter to be clogged by the impurity contained in the water (Mud, organic materials..) Either with a prefilter screwed in its head (PFC44) or by a pre filtration box PFBS installed inside the retention. In any case it is highly advised to regularly check and clean the pre filtration with clear water, to maintain a maximum rain flow capacity.
Several Petro-PIT® can be connected in parallel in case of higher flow rates.
Beyond 16 litres / min, the use of a Petro-PIPE ® is advised.

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